Book Review: ‘Wild by Nature’ by Sarah Marquis

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 14.08.54While some would call walking from Siberia to Australia alone crazy, this was the challenge that National Geographic explorer Sarah Marquis undertook from June 2010 – May 2013.

Marquis walked ten thousand miles through Mongolia, the Gobi Desert, China, Siberia and South-East Asia, all the way to the Australian outback. This three-year journey is an incredible story of what it really means to adventure as a woman and experience being alone in the wild. From thieves and drug dealers to suffering from dengue fever in the Laos jungle, ‘Wild by Nature’ shows just how powerful the human spirit can be when faced with insurmountable situations. Marquis demonstrates that it is possible to survive the most challenging of circumstances and, whatever harsh conditions you find yourself in, there is always a reason to smile and appreciate what you have.

It’s not all trials and tribulations though. Marquis met some wonderful people on her expedition and it is simply wonderful to read of her experiences and be reminded of the kindness of humanity, amidst so many challenges. Along the way, Marquis happens upon an array of fascinating animal species and describes these encounters in her book. The world we live in is indeed wondrous and so worthy of protection; ‘Wild by Nature’ highlights significant issues through the eyes of an explorer.

Marquis’ story is the epitome of courage, persistence and resilience, showing firsthand that we are capable of achieving more than we imagine possible.’I live these extreme situations with such fascination for our being, body and spirit. Each of us has, at the base, a perfect machine, capable of so many things. Let’s not limit ourselves!’

If you’re looking for an honest and thought-provoking story of a journey encompassing hardship and perilous challenges, ‘Wild by Nature’ is a fantastic book to read.

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