Time to take stock

What are you most proud of achieving? Often, we’ll have a particular event or accomplishment that remains prevalent in our mind and of which we feel proud.

For me, this date each year makes me look back and remember how far I’ve come. Two years ago today I reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. 09/09/14. This date always sticks in my mind, as Kilimanjaro was my first big adventure and taste of being out in the mountains. It kick started my love for travelling, exploring and pushing my limits. Summit night was one of the toughest challenges I have ever undertaken, both physically and mentally, and I’ll never forget how I felt during that final stretch towards the roof of Africa. At the time it felt so surreal and it still often feels like a dream to this day…


Our lives can be so hectic these days with social media, work pressures and the like, that I believe it’s important to take a moment to slow down and appreciate how far you have come. Life might look exactly the same from one day to the next, but a lot of change occurs as time goes on. Notice how your life has progressed and acknowledge all the positive steps forward you have taken.

Personally, drawing on my experience of summiting Kilimanjaro gives me strength of mind and reminds me that there’s always a way to overcome challenges. If I can push through days of intense hiking and successfully reach the summit of a mountain that’s 5,895m high, I’m sure I can get through anything today throws at me! We face testing circumstances all the time and have to make choices every single day. But it’s how we respond in these situations that shapes our character. Are you gonna sink or are you gonna swim? I’m partial to the Dory approach, personally.

What’s the point of all this rambling? Well, I believe that if you build yourself stronger upon the achievements of which you feel proud and hold fond memories, then this may help to inspire you to succeed even further in future. One of my favourite questions to ponder over is: if you could do anything tomorrow, what would you do? Take a moment to consider where you used to be, where you are right now and where you’d like to be. Whatever your goal, there will be a way to get there. Figure out that next step and you’ll be on your way…

“Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go.”


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