Why weekend wanderings work wonders

All too often, I reach the end of the working week feeling exhausted. Like I just need a lil’ bit more sleep. You know the feeling? I bet most of us do. Well, what’s the answer?

Everyone has different ways of living well and making their days count… What works for me is simply getting outside. Feeling the wind on my face, my wellies squelching through mud, breathing the cool winter’s air. It makes me feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever is thrown at me. Being outdoors does wonders for our health and wellbeing and this simple power is so easily overlooked. The house is warm, there’s TV to catch up on, good food in the kitchen… why go outside?

The answer I give is to reconnect with the world around us. Perhaps a cliché, but so true. Sometimes we can become wrapped up in the stresses of everyday working life, but in the grand scheme of things, we’re here on this planet and we need to appreciate that. Being outdoors, whether in the heat of summer of the crispness of winter, allows us room to breathe. To really breathe and take in our surroundings.

Outdoors is a wide open space where freedom lingers in the air.


It doesn’t matter how you experience the outdoors – you could go trail running, take a mountain bike up into the mountains, go canoeing… hell, you could even learn to paraglide or something! Whatever makes you want to explore the great outdoors, GO FOR IT.

Weekends provide the perfect opportunity to escape into the wild and let go of whatever you may feel unsure of or worried about. Plus, it’s autumn! What better time of year to capture some truly beautiful natural colours.

If you’re sat at home thinking, ‘well, I’m quite comfortable here’, then that’s absolutely fine. Feeling positive, happy and well is so important. But if you feel getting outside would help to lift your spirits, then I urge you to go exploring. Whether close to home or further afield, you have nothing to lose.

There’s a whole world out there and our daily lives barely scratch the surface of what exists to be discovered.


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