The Gower Peninsula, South Wales

This weekend I headed to explore the Gower Peninsula with Explorers Connect. The stunning Wales coastline just goes to show the incredible environments and adventure opportunities that lie right here on our doorstep, in Great Britain.

Upon arriving in the village of Port Eynon on Friday night the first thing I noticed was how beautiful and bright the stars looked. I took a moment to look up and appreciate where I was. Even though it was pitch black, I could smell the sea and feel the calmness of the environment. It felt wonderful to have escaped built up areas and to have found myself here.

The following morning I woke up to a picture-perfect view of the coast and felt ready for a weekend of exploring the Gower on foot.


Sunrise over Port Eynon, Gower Peninsula

The Gower was designated as the UK’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty back in 1956 and, taking in some incredible sections of the Wales Coast Path, it certainly lives up to its reputation.

On Saturday morning we headed to Rhossili to explore Worm’s Head.


Worm’s Head, as seen from the mainland

With its headland a whole mile long, Worm’s Head was given its name due to being shaped like a giant sea-serpent. The weather and tides were in our favour, allowing for us to scramble over the jagged rocky causeway to reach the grassland at the very end. We were surrounded by the sea in all directions and were lucky enough to see some grey seals on the rocks, too!


On the grassland at the end of Worm’s Head, looking back at the Gower’s coastline

After a scenic lunch stop, we head along an undulating cliff top, dropped down to sea level and walked back along the stunning Rhossili Bay… just in time for sunset.

The next morning we explored the nearby Oxwich Bay, which was equally stunning. The wind picked up rather a lot, but that was nothing a hat, scarf and gloves couldn’t combat! We encountered streams, trees of autumnal colours, sand dunes galore and even some castle ruins.


Castle ruins near to Oxwich Bay

At one moment I was sitting on a clifftop overlooking the bay, watching two horses gallop along the sand with the sun bursting through the clouds from above. Does a Sunday walk get any more picturesque?


Magnificent rays of light hitting the still ocean

Although it may take time and effort to travel to certain places, even within the UK, it’s 100% worth the effort. The experiences, the new places you visit, the people you meet… all of these aspects contribute to an extraordinary trip away that gives you a break from everyday life and a renewed perspective.

I would definitely recommend a visit to the Gower. South Wales truly has some of the most spectacular coastline around, and the views from the clifftops are awesome. Countless beaches, coves and bays to explore. Going in autumn/winter, I found it to be much quieter than in the summer months… slightly chilly, but just as breathtakingly beautiful.

Great Britain has some pretty amazing natural environments, and even a short weekend away can provide a perfect opportunity to discover one of its gems.


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