Welcome to Wild Walks and Wellness.

I’m Kelly and this is my corner to talk about using movement, mindfulness and nutrition to live well and keep your mind and body healthy.

Yoga, in particular, has become my way of living. When I started practicing in January 2017 I didn’t anticipate how engrained into my life it would become. It’s now a natural part of my day and I value the time, calm and personal strength it gives me. And even on days when it feels more difficult, there lies the perfect opportunity to grow. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes not so. And that’s why it’s a practice.

It’s not all about the physical either. The optimism, openness and mental awareness that can be developed through yoga is amazing. It’s about energising the mind, body and soul.
Above all it’s a journey, and the key drivers for me have been perseverance and developing self-belief. We are all capable of so much, and allowing ourselves the chance to explore our capabilities a little more each day is a powerful mindset to have.

So whatever your hobbies, values and aspirations, I encourage you to pursue them with all your heart and be the best version of yourself.